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Vedanta Teaches The Highest Devotion To God

Vedanta teaches the highest devotion to God. Bhakti is more than a little sentimentality. It is the path of systematized devotion for the attainment of union with the Absolute. It is the easiest and the surest path to realization. Through prayer and love and devotion the bhakta reaches the superconscious state, the state of samadhi. Bhakti in its highest stages melts into jnana. Both the bhakta and the jnani are lovers of Truth, of that Truth which is God. Love cannot come without knowledge. And knowledge of God cannot be without love. There are little souls who worship God for reward, or to escape punishment, or who, when in distress, go to Him for consolation. But these are in the lower stages of bhakti. This is the very beginning of bhakti. It is not to be condemned, but we must understand that these devotions gradually will make room for a more unselfish love, love free from selfish motive, devoid of all idea of gain. Prayer is very necessary for the bhakta. He prays to Bhagavan, that He may cut our bonds.

But we cannot all be of the highest type. And Bhagavan speaks words of encouragement and advice to all, to everyone, in whatever stage of bhakti he may be. And in the chapter 12 of Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavan Sri Krishna points out the different methods to select from. If one way does not suit, then try another, or still another. It does not matter. All are dear to Me, but all do not want Me. Those who want Me are very dear to Me, and they are very close to Me. They partake of My very nature. They are the Spirit of My Spirit and parts of My Being. And they realize it. In samadhi they taste that blissful union.