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Puri Shyamakali Temple In Odisha – Wish fulfilling Deity

Shyamakali Temple at Puri in Odisha is located at Bali Sahi and is around 2.5 kms from Puri Jagannath temple. The deity is black in color (Shyama) with four arms. This is a wish fulfilling deity and a kind and benign form of Mother Goddess Kali.

The four feet murti of Mother Goddess Shayamakali has three eyes and is surrounded by jackals and vultures. The shrine faces east

This is a wish fulfilling deity as two of her hands are in Varada and Abhaya mudra postures. She blesses her devotees with desire fulfilment. She also protects her children from all kinds of difficulties and also blesses them with good health. It is believed that evil forces do not even look at her ardent devotees. She also purges out fear from the mind of her devotees.

The posture of Goddess Kali is that of her right leg stamping on Shiva. Thus, she also provides moksha or liberation.

She holds a sword and severed head of a demon. Thus, she annihilates the ego and opens the door of self-realization.

The main sanctum sanctorum also has murtis of two other Goddesses – Vimala and Sarba Mangala. The murti of Goddess Vimala is in a standing posture and she holds a noose, human figure and vase. One hand is in blessing posture. Sarva Mangala or Goddess of auspiciousness (a kind form of Goddess Shakti) is in seated posture and blesses devotees. She holds a pestle.

Goddess Shayamakali is the family deity of the Gajapati Kings of Puri.

The most important festival in the temple is the Kali Puja observed on the Amavasya or no moon day in Kartik month. Other important festivals observed here are Durga Puja and Jagadhatri puja. Chaturdashi and Amavasya tithi in a Hindu lunar calendar are of great significance here.