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Prabhachandra is a well known Jaina writer who compiled the famous Prabhavakacarita. He lived in the 14th century AD Prabhavakacarita is one of the most important texts, which throws sufficient light on the history of Jaina literature. In fact, the four important sources for writing the history of Jainism are – Prabhavakacarita, Prabandhacintamani, Prabandhakosha, Vividhatirthakalpa. All these books were complementary to each other, and they possess more or less common material.

This text was first edited by Hiranand Shastri in 1909 in the Nirnaya Sagar Press, Bombay, and it was reprinted in 1930-31. This edition is full of errors. The book was critically edited by Acharya Jina Vijaya Muni in 1940.

The text depicts the works, deeds and other historical accounts about the Svetambara Jaina Acharyas, right from the 1st century to the 13th century of the Vikrama Era. The text has derived a good deal from works like the Trisastisalakacarita and Parisistaparvan of Acharya Hemachandra Suri. This text mainly includes the deeds of Jaina Acharya. Besides this, we also find a number of references to the kings, scholars, feudal chiefs, poets and so on. Eminent kings such as Harsha, Nagavaloka, Bhoja, Jayasimha, Kumarapla and other are mentioned. The descriptive style is very precise and authentic. We do not find any exaggeration or improbability so far as the real events are concerned. There is a detailed and reliable account of many Jaina sects, casetes, families and so on.