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Porkkali Bhagavathy Theyyam – Story – Information – Porkali Bhagavathi

Porkkali Bhagavathy theyyam is a very popular theyyam worshipped during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur and Kasaragod regions of Kerala. As per information, this is theyyam of Goddess Kali in her warrior form. As per Porkali Bhagavathi theyyam story, she came for battle (por) against the demons and therefore she is Porkali.

The headgear or thirumudi of the theyyam is unique and huge. She holds and sword and shield. She is known to display ferociousness. Protruding tongue and the red color dress gives her a fearful look.

This form of Goddess Shakti is invoked for victory over enemies. She is worshipped by spiritual aspirants to annihilate the ego.

Guruthi is offered to the deity.

This theyyam can be witnessed in the numerous Goddess Porkali temples in North Kerala.

Some of the important temples, kavus and tharavadu where this theyyam is performed include

Kadirur Chundangapoyil Kadambil Kutti Sasthappan temple, Kannur Paalayi Thokkilangadi Sree Porkali Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Thalassery Thottummal Kavullathil Sree Kali temple, Kannur Kadirur Pullyod Valiyapurayil Sree Bhagvathi temple, Kannur Kizhakke Kadirur Kurmba Bhagavathy Kshethram, Azhikode Valapattanam Kalariyal Bhagavthy temple, Mekunnu Sree Poovallathil temple, Thalassery Ancham mile Erinhikkal Porkkali Bhagavathy temple, Kuthuparamba Neerveli Aattupuram Sree Porkali Bhagavathy temple, Kannur Kadambur Poonkav Kshetram, Kuthuparamba Mambram Kelalur Edappadi Kalari Bhagavathy temple, Kannur Kadirur Puthiyaveettil Puthusseri Bhagavathy Kshethram, Kannur Pinarayi Parapram Porkkali Bhagavathy temple, Mahe Pallur Chirukandothu Porkkali Bhagavathy temple and Payyannur Kelothu Sree Porkali Bhagavathi temple.