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Ponnwan Thondachan Theyyam – Story – Information

Ponnwan Thondachan theyyam (പൊന്ന്വന്‍ തൊണ്ടച്ചന്‍) is a rare theyyam performed during the annual theyyam, kaliyattam thira festival in Kasaragod and Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is that of a person who had lived during the ancient times. This is a male theyyam. As per Ponnwan Tondachan theyyam story, Poonwan Thondancan was an ardent devotee of Goddess Kali. With the help of the Goddess, he performed numerous miracles.

He had immense knowledge in Mantra, Tantra and secretive sciences. He also fought ferociously against social atrocities and was not afraid to call a spade a spade irrespective of the person’s power and social status. This aspect of his character got him numerous enemies.

Once famous sorcerer Kalakattu Namboothiri invited Ponwan Thondachan to his house. The Namboothiri had designed numerous tests on the way. Poonwan Thondachan overcame all the tests. Both debated on various aspects of Tantrism and Mantra. The Namboothiri deliberately extended the debate till night. When Ponnwan Thondachan left he house of Kalakattu Namboothiri at night, he was shot and killed.

Thus Ponnwan Thondachan became a Daivakkaru and got a theyyam.