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Perumbara Bhagavathy Theyyam – Story – Information

Perumbara Bhagavathy Theyyam (പെരുമ്പറ ഭഗവതി തെയ്യം) is a ferocious theyyam performed in few holy places in Kasaragod and Kannur region of Kerala during annual Kaliyattam thira festival. As per information, this is a ferocious Mother Goddess form (Goddess Bhagavathy), especially of one who has annihilated demons, who was given a place to satisfy her so that she will not harm people, their property and livestock. Perumbara Bhagavathy theyyam story is that of her causing disturbance in a region with her supernatural powers and blood thirstiness. She is given a proper place in a kavu and a theyyam is annually performed so that she will not harm people and other living beings.

Perumbara Bhagavathy theyyam is worshipped for protection from enemies, to overcome fear of super natural beings like ghosts etc and for a healthy life. She is also worshipped to get strength to defeat enemies and for desire fulfillment.

This theyyam is noted for an unusually unique thirumudi or headgear. The thirumudi is U shaped and this is rarely seen among other Bhagavathy theyyams.