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Pandokoolothu Paradevatha Theyyam – Information – Story

Pandokoolothu Paradevatha theyyam is a rare theyyam and is only performed at the Pandokoolothu Kovilakam temple at Mahe near Kannur in Kerala. As per information, this the family deity of the Illam. As per Pandokoolothu Paradevatha story, the deity gave darshan to an elderly person in the tharavadu. The deity protected the traditional house and the region. There was peace and prosperity after the presence of the deity. The deity was given a proper place of worship in the tharavadu and a theyyam is performed annually to get the blessings of the deity.

The theyyam is annually held at Mahe Pandakkal Pandokooloth Paradevatha temple from April 12 or April 13 to April 14 or April 15. The festival concludes on the Vishu day.