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Pancha Murthy Theyyam – Information – Story

Pancha Murthy theyyam is a very rare theyyam seen during the kaliyattam, thira theyyam festival in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, the theyyam is that of five male deities. Pancha Murthy theyyam story has it that of the deities appearing in a prominent tharavadu of the region and helping the people the region. As a mark of respect, the deities are given a proper place of worship and theyyam is performed annual to get their blessings.

The five deities are peaceful and have similar type of ornaments and dresses. There is a slight difference in the headgear.

Pancha Murthi worship is famous in many temples in Kerala and coast Karnataka. The deities worshipped vary from region to region.

This theyyam can be witnessed at Payyanur Karamel Padiyil Kottam Azhikkottu Gurunathan Devasthanam temple on October 26 and October 27.