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Padinjatta Chamundi Theyyam – Information – Story

Padinjatta Chamundi theyyam (പടിഞ്ഞാറ്റ ചാമുണ്ഡി) is a rare theyyam performed during the annual Kaliyattam, thira , theyyam festival in Kasaragod region of Kerala. As per information this is a powerful theyyam associated Shaiva bhootaganas. As per Padinjatta Chamundi theyyam story, Mahadeva Shiva performed a yajna and seven deities appeared from it. Padinjatte Chamundi was one of the deities appeared from the yajna. She once appeared at Padinjare Veedu in Parathoor to quench her thirst, here she found half man half lion form killing and eating cows. She drove away the powerful beast.

The people of the area were so happy with the Goddess that they named her Padinjatta Chamundi.

This theyyam can be witnessed at Kasargod Poinachi Chemmanad Eekkot Melath Tharavad Devasthanam temple from March 4 to March 5.