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Padamadakki Bhagavathi Theyyam – Story – Information

Padamadakki Bhagavathi theyyam is a powerful Mother Goddess warrior theyyam worshipped mainly in Kasaragod region of Kerala during the annual kaliyattam thira theyyam festival. As per information, this theyyam appeared to help the king of Nileshwaram. As per Padamadakki Bhagavathi theyyam story, once the kingdom of Nileshwaram was threated by attack by neighboring northern kingdoms. The king of Nileshwaram offered prayers to Naga Bhagavathy, Kuttichathan and Bhairavan of Korthu temple. The deities asked Padamadakki Bhagavathi to protect the Nileshwaram kingdom. The enemies fell unconscious seeing the ferocious form of Padamadakki Bhagavathi and many ran away from the battlefield. In remembrance of this divine event, a theyyam of Padamadakki Bhagavathy is performed.

Another story has it that once Mayappada attacked and ransacked the kingdom of Kolathiri.  People were mercilessly butchered by the attackers. Kalanthattu Thandupulayan offered prayers to his family deity (ഉപാസാന മൂര്‍ത്തിയ തോറ്റിയുണർത്തി). The ferocious form of Mother Goddess entered the enemy camp like a tornado and wreaked havoc. She killed all that came in front of her. Those who witnessed the ferociousness ran away from the battlefield.

After defeating the enemies, the goddess returned back to the home of Kalanthattu Thanupulayan. As she came successful from battlefield (pada), she came to be known as Padamadakki Bhagavathi.

This theyyam is annually performed Nileswaram Thaikadappuram Kottara Kallanthattu Bhagavathy temple from Feb 14 to Feb 16.