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Narambil Bhagavathy Theyyam – Story – Information

Narambil Bhagavathy theyyam is popular Mother Goddess Theyyam worshipped in many kavu, tharavadu and temples during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Kali. As per Narambil Bhagavathy Theyyam story, the wife of Rayaramangalam Adiyodi who was pregnant and wished to go to the home of her mother. She belonged to Narambil Tharavadu who were worshippers of the ferocious form of Goddess Kali. Adiyodi did not allow his wife to go and told her to go after the harvesting of rice. When she was adamant, Adiyodi kicked her and the woman died immediately. The mother of the woman wailed before Goddess Kali. The continuous pleading and crying of the mother, awoke Goddess Kali who took a ferocious form and rushed towards Rayaramangalam. The Goddess of Rayaramangalam knew the Goddess would create havoc in the region so she took the help of Muchilottu Bhagavathy. Muchilottu Bhagavathy stopped Goddess Kali with kind words and gave her a place along with her. She is thus worshiped as Narambil Bhagavathy theyyam.

Yet another story has it that Narambil Bhagavathy appeared from a drop blood that appeared on the body of Goddess Kali while she was fighting the demons. It is said that she carried a powerful sword and used it take out the liver of the demons. She cut the liver into pieces and fed it Bhootaganas. Kodakkal Tharavattu Nair happened to witness Bhagavathy during his prayers and he gave her a place of worship at the Narambil Kavu and thus the Goddess came to be known as Narambil Bhagavathy.

This is a ferocious theyyam and she has four fire torches around her waist line. The deity also holds a sword and a shield.

Kannur Malur Vengakandi Muchilot Bhagavathy temple, Kasaragod Pilicode Thekkedath Tharavadu temple Kunnoth, Kannur Mattannur Kallur Muchilot Bhagavathy temple, Thalasseri Ponnyam Pulliyodi Muchilottu Bhagavathy temple, Mattannur Chavasseri Mannora Mahadalam Muchilottu Kavu, Thaliparamba Chuzhali Muchilottu Bhagavathy temple, Kannur Panoor Kootteri Muchilot Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Kuthuparambu Kottayampoyyil Kolavu Muchilottu Kavu temple, and Mattannur Kavumbadi Pulimbilakkandi Muchilottu Kavu temple are some of the temples and sacred places where the theyyam is annually performed.