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Nangolangara Bhagavathy Theyyam – Information – Story

Nangolangara Bhagavathy Theyyam is a rare Mother Goddess theyyam performed during the annual thira kaliyattam theyyam festival in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, she is the protector and desha adidevata of Irinave region in Kannur region. As per Nangolangara Bhagavathy Theyyam story she is the sister of Madayil Kavu Bhagavathy. She is only performed in this region of Kannur.

Nangolangara Bhagavathy Theyyam is worshipped for begetting healthy children. It is believed that she blesses couples facing pregnancy related problems.

The theyyam is usually performed from annually from October 17 (Thula Sankramanam).

Two important sacred places where the Nangolangara Bhagavathy Theyyam is performed are Kannur Irinave Nangolangara Bhagavathy Kavu and Kannur Kannapuram Sree Nangolangra Bhagavathy Temple.

The theyyam is performed at night in front of traditional lamp. No artificial lights are kept on during the performance of the theyyam.

The theyyam is noted for its unique thirumudi or holy headdress.