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Nambyalan Theyyam – Story – Information

Nambyalan Theyyam is a rare male theyyam seen during the annual thira kaliyattam theyyam festival mainly in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, this is the theyyam of a person who had lived in the region and the story is based on folklore. Nambyalan Theyyam story is that of the deity helping the region, a family through his selfless action and becomes a daivakaru or holy person. The person is given a worship place and theyyam is performed in his remembrance annually.  

Nambyalan Theyyam is a warrior theyyam and holds a sword and a shield. It has a unique headgear and appearance.

This theyyam can be witnessed annually at the Kannur Ezhome Nangalam Kallen Tharavadu Nambyalan temple on January 15 and January 16.