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Nadadur Ammal Teachings

In the twelfth chapter of the Rahasya-traya-sara, in explaining the act of approach and surrender to Bhagavan, Deshika describes the manner and meaning of handing over one’s core identity to Bhagavan – Bhagavan Himself is the refuge, and He accepts our burden. He indicates that offering up of one’s burden is to be recognized as the primary action, when one utters the mantra of surrender. Bhagavan thus means the following - With this mantra one should give over one’s self to Me. Whoever has given over to Me all that is to be done is a person who has already done all that must be done.

To enrich our sense of what this surrender means, Deshika recalls the prayer of surrender uttered by an earlier teacher, Nadadur Ammal:

I have been wandering in this dreary world, age upon age without beginning, doing what is not desired by You. From this day forward, I must do what is conducive to reaching You, and I must cease from what is contrary. I have no resources by which to attain You. I have realized that You alone can be the means to my salvation. So You must be my means! If You are, how could there be, from now on, any burden, either in the removal of what is not desired or in the attainment of what is desired?