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Meloor Dayarappan Daivathar Theyyam – Story – Information

Meloor Dayarappan Daivathar Theyyam (മേലൂര്‍ ദയരപ്പന്‍ ദൈവത്താര്‍ ) is a popular theyyam performed during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. As per information, this is a male theyyam and is associated with Vettaikkorumakan. As per Meloor Dayarappan Daivathar Theyyam, he was born to Bhagavan Vishnu and the Kanya (virgin) of Meloorilam of Meloor Kotta. This theyyam is popularly known as Oorpazhachi theyyam. This theyyam is respectfully referred to as Aishwarya Prabhu.

As a young boy he performed several miracles. But the boy was an expert in warfare and is believe do have killed several people. He later befriended Vettaikkorumakan and fought in the Balusseri Kotta. He returned as a famous and great warrior and was made the king of Oorpazhassi. He ruled the kingdom for 12 years. He later became the ruler of nearby areas and ruled again for another 12 years. As he had ruled the kingdom for maximum years he came to be known as Ooorpazhassi Daivam.

Oorpazhassi Kavu is located at Edakkad on Kannur – Thalassery Road.

The theyyam has a unique headgear or mudi and he holds a sword.