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Dreaming Of White Raven – Meaning

Dreaming of white raven is a negative and warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will see or hear bad things. It also means witnessing something that is against your beliefs. It also means you will witness something weird or unusual but people won’t believe you. Dreams of white raven also mean you being chased by attackers or animals in near future.

Dream of white raven simply sitting and you are not seen in your dream means change of luck.

Dream of white raven and you see other people means timely help will rescue from a serious situation. The dream is asking you to take care of your health and be alert.

Dreaming of white raven flying over you or attacking you or chasing you means you will have to act quickly to get rid of something or save your life. It also means trouble for family members or friends.

Dreams of white raven changing colors or flying too low or falling down means death and mourning.

Dream of white raven attacking someone else and you wake up happy or laughing means suicidal thoughts and destructive mindset. It also means defeat of your enemies.