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Dreaming Of Taxi – Meaning – Dream Of Taxi Cab

Dreaming of taxi is both good and bad omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream taxi cab means sudden travel opportunities or change of place. If you are happy after seeing the dream then it can be mean vacation, back to home town or new career opportunities. Dreams of tax and you wake up happy is associated with desire fulfillment, better opportunities and meeting someone special.

Dreaming of taxi cab and you are tensed or scared and unhappy in the dream means sudden emergency. It also means unexpected travel plans. It also means you might get caught after doing something illegal.

Dream of taxi and you wake up terrified or sad or crying it means trouble to someone in a distant place. It also means an unwanted transfer. The dream also means you might be forced to stay away from your current location.

Dreams of taxi going fast means bad luck and increase in enemy activity. The dream also means you will be forced to runaway suddenly.

Dreaming of taxi in an unknown place means unexpected problems in life and you are forced to hide or a new job in a new place.

Dream of taxing in a known place means you will return back to your roots. It also means stagnation and nothing new in life.