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Dreaming Of Rapid Water – Meaning

Dreaming of rapid water is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. If the dream is associated with water park or fun then it is a sign of picnic, vacation or holiday. But if you simply dream of rapid water means huge problem is coming your way. It is a warning sign. Dreams of rapid water and there is color, splashing and lots of people means fun and lots of activity related to water sports.

Dream of rapid water and you see someone you know means problems in family or romantic life. It also means threat to career or huge workplace issues.

Dreams of rapid water and you see yourself in it means an action of yours will cause severe damage to your reputation.

Dreaming of rapid water and you see things in it means natural calamity. It also means sudden change of weather resulting in huge destruction and financial loss.

Dream of rapid water and you are happy or jumping into it means suicidal thoughts. It also means you will accept defeat and give up. It is a warning sign and is asking to correct yourself before facing problems.