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Dreaming Of Rampage – Meaning

Dreaming of rampage is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face unexpected problems especially fight with people and things breaking during fight. It also means you not being alert causing damage and embarrassment. Dreams of rampage and you wake up happy means you will realize the futility of something you had signed in for and will back out. It also means suicidal and destructive thoughts. You will wish for the destruction of someone even if it involves damaging and destroying property and lives of people.

Dream of rampage and there are a lot of people and commotion means you will witness something bad during a get together or function. It also means violence or physical attack on you during a party or meeting.

Dreams of rampage and you are trying to collect things or fix them means you will waste your time and energy on worthless projects or things. It also means your attempts as mediator to bring peace will fail.

Dreaming of rampage in an unknown place is associated with natural calamities or manmade destruction. It also means witness something you have never seen but has heard about.