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Dreaming Of Radiation – Meaning

Dreaming of radiation is a kind of warning about future as per dreaming meaning and interpretation. It means financial damage, accident or problems in business or unhealthy competition in career. It also means facing manmade problems which will result in temporary displacement in near future. Dreams of radiation and you know the place means problems at your workplace which might result in shutdown or mass evacuation.

Dreaming of you caught in radiation means you will face problems from opposite sex, fight with strangers or you will be blamed for something you had not done.

Dreaming of seeing people in radiation and you are witness means you can expect change of residence or transfer to an undesired location. It also means witnessing something gruesome and you are unable to do anything about it.

Dreaming of radiation and people dying means you will face problems in life mainly due to carelessness of others. It also means death due to greediness of humans.

Dreaming of you running into radiation means you will make unwanted decisions which will spoil your career. You might also be asked to change the current residence or job. It also means trying to save something even when you know you cannot.