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Dreaming Of Rabid Dogs – Meaning

Dreaming of rabid dogs is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get into stressful situation. You will be overpowered by fear. There will also be confusion in life as you do not think properly. Dreams of rabid dog also mean sudden physical attack especially from dogs or pet animals. The dream is a warning sign to be alert. It also means getting into trouble by venturing into things or matters you have no great interest or concern.

Dream of rabid dogs moving around is sign of enemies plotting against you. You need to be careful about a jealous friend or colleague.

Dreaming of rabid dogs in your house is a sign of problems in family due to misunderstanding. It also means you need get physically and mentally prepared to face some tough family situations.

Dream of rabid dogs in the open public place means trouble from animals. It also means health issues related to animals.

Dreaming of rabid dog biting you means you will face physical abuse or might be attacked. You should avoid night journeys and lonely locations after the dream.

Dream of rabid dog in deserted area means you will invite trouble through anger or unwanted adventure.