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Dreaming Of A Lechuza – Meaning

Dreaming of a Lechuza is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means people might join forces against you. It also means your independent thinking and personal choices might be liked by people. Dreams of a Lechuza also means you will be hurt by people and you will look for means to take revenge.

Dream of a Lechuza at a known place means you will want to do something harsh but will not have the courage to do it.

Dreaming of a Lechuza and you hear cries of small babies means people will try to fool you. It also means you will get mugged while attempting to rescue or help someone.

Dreams of Lechuza and you see other owls with face of women mean you will meet people who have similar grudge like the one you have.

Dreaming of a Lechuza and you see your enemies or other people means you will use physical strength to prove a point.

Please note that dreaming of a Lechuza after reading, talking, listening or watching about it does not have any meaning. It just a mere extension of your daytime activity. For a dream to have meaning it should happen without any daytime influence.