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Dreaming Of Lavender Color – Meaning

Dreaming of lavender color is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means love, gentleness, peace, romance and tender feelings. The dream also means meeting someone special. It also means birth in the family. Dreams of lavender color also means you will be indecisive. It also means you will have to face and adamant person. You will be childish and this will cause harm to your progress.

Dream of lavender color in your house means you will give importance to cleanliness, spirituality and meditation. It also means self-care and improving the lights and things in your house.

Dreams of lavender color and you are seen lying on the bed means lethargy will cause harm to your career or relationship. It also means being impractical.

Dreaming of lavender color in an unknown place means you will decide to take a vacation. It also means taking sometime for healing. You will use a particular period of time in future to calm yourself down and to bring order in your life. You will give more importance to tranquility.