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Dreaming Of Last Night – Meaning

Dreaming of last night is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. If the dream is positive and related to happiness then you can expect change of fortune and joy. If the dream is negative and you are crying or terrified means return of old problems. It also means a person or situation you wanted to avoid will make its presence strongly in your life. Dreams of last night and it is about movie then it has no meaning as it is a mere continuation of something you watched intensely.

Dreaming of last night and you witness many things that had not really happened in the previous night means people are hiding things from you. It also means you are being cheated.

Dream of last night and you are not present in the dream means a secret of yours will exposed. It also means scandal.

Dreams of last night and you witness people who were no present previous night in the dream means relationship issues. Small issues will be blown out of proportion.

Please note that last night dream in most cases is just a continuation of an intense activity that happened. Usually, it has no meaning.