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Dreaming Of Lakshmi – Meaning – Goddess Laxmi Dream

Dreaming of Lakshmi is both positive and negative dream and it suggests happiness, hope and better future as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means acceptance and honor. Goddess Laxmi Mata dream and you are seen in a bad position or crying or wearing torn clothes in the dream means you might waste a lot of money on something that does not have a resale value. Dreams of Lakshmi and you are happy means you will get money to splurge on luxury – it is an indication of change of luck, better opportunity, new relationship or ancestral wealth.

Dream of Goddess Lakshmi with fear or anger is a sign of frustration and unhappiness in near future. There will not be desire fulfillment. It also means you are unsure about what you are doing.

Dreaming of an angry Lakshmi means lack of cleanliness will result in your down fall. It also means anger and acting without thinking will result in serious damages. The dream is a warning sign.

Dreaming of Lakshmi and you see friends or family members means you will achieve success or something exciting will be happening in your life. It also means an energetic and lively period.