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Dreaming Of Lagoon – Meaning

Dreaming of lagoon is a good omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means travel, vacation, picnic and success. It also means you will visit a place that is famous for its water bodies. It also means pilgrimage or visiting a particular holy place famous for its waterbody or lagoon. Dreams of lagoon and you seem worried in the dream means stagnation and nothing new in life. You will be going in circles without finding an exit and this might frustrate you. It also means getting separated from something you were part of.

Dream of lagoon and you are not seen in the dream means you will decide to stay away from a vacation or pilgrimage planned by someone close to you. It also means doing something different from what your friends or colleagues are doing. It also means developing a fear for water. It also means sticking to your current job or organization when other people are going away.

Dreams of lagoon and you are unhappy or wake up terrified or disturbed means you will hear bad news about friends or relatives. It also means water related death.

Dreaming of lagoon and you are happy means desire fulfillment. It also means solution to financial problem. The dream also means meeting someone special that will make your life fruitful temporarily. It is also a sign of fertility and birth.