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Dreaming Of Frozen Lake – Meaning

Dreaming frozen lake is both negative and positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will have a period of peace and happiness and time away from your current life. It also means traveling to place famous for cold climate or freezing point. Dreams of frozen lake and you are angry or struggling or crying means your plans will not materialize. It also means you had something in mind but what you get will be the exact opposite.

Dream of frozen lake and you know the place and it is located in not a place known for frozen lake means natural calamities. It also means weather will cause damage to your property or wealth.

Dreaming of frozen lake and you are all alone means you will decide to take a break from your current job. It also means relationship issues.

Dream of frozen lake and it is cracking or there is destruction means something you considered to be safe will turn out to be hazardous.