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Dreaming Of Buying Laxatives – Meaning

Dreaming of buying laxatives is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means bad decisions or doing something that will cause problems in life. It also means you need to be careful with all things you eat. Dreams of laxatives and you see stomach bloated up is a warning sign about overeating or eating food that is pure junk.

Dream of buying laxatives and you are seen happy in the dream means you will play prank on someone. It also means fun time and indulging in activities that might hurt someone.

Dreams of buying laxatives in an unknown place means problems especially related to food and digestion in a new place. It means sudden transfer or moving to a new place.

Dream of buying laxatives and you see family members or friends means you will need to help someone during a medical emergency.

Dreams of buying laxatives and you are tired or crying means health issues and you will have no one to help you.