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Dreaming Of 5 Rand Coins – Meaning

Dreaming of 5 rand coins is a positive omen as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will realize the value of minute things in life through a bad incident in near future. Dreams of 5 rand coin mean change of luck and unexpected wealth in form of ancestral property. You might also retrieve lost coins or treasure. Dreams of 5 rand coins also mean you will also get wealth from an unexpected source or you will find a huge amount of wealth not belonging to you.

Dreams of 5 rand coins and you see yourself in the dream mean you will get costly gifts and there will be lot of activities in financial matters in near future. 

Dreaming of 5 rand coins and you see other people mean you will be getting a large chunk of currency but will have to share it with others. It is also an indication of new job or decision regarding ancestral wealth. 

Dream of 5 rand coins and you are tensed or under pressure is considered negative as it means wealth will be stolen or lost. 

Dream of picki5 rand coins from the ground and you wake up crying or terrified or sad after the dream is an indication of unexpected expenditure in near future.