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Barala Devi Temple At Balaskumpa Near Phulbani In Kandhamal – Odisha

Balaskumpa Barala Devi temple is an ancient temple located around 18 km from Phulbani in Kandhamal in Odisha. The shrine is dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti. This is a typical colorful Odisha style small temple. There are numerous colorful sculptures of various deities and motifs on the walls of the temple. The motifs and sculptures are mostly based on agriculture and forestry.

The walls of the temple are also adorned with paintings of various forms of Mother Goddess Shakti.

Goddess Barala Devi is a tribal deity and the belief is that the Goddess created the universe. Thus, she is the Mother who nourishes, maintains and protects her children. She is a wish fulfilling deity. She also blesses devotees with healthy and intelligent children.

The most important festival associated with the shrine is the Dasara festival. Durga Puja and Kali Puja are also observed in the temple.

Animal sacrifices are also held in the temple.