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Twelve Defects – Human Failings In Hinduism – Solution

The twelve defects and human failings are mentioned in Sanatsujatiya, which is found in the Udyoga Parva of the Mahabharata.

The twelve defects to be avoided in terms of our mental attitudes – wrath, lust, greed, delusion, and the desire to know about material happiness, non-compassion, jealousy, shamelessness, sorrow, desire, envy and disgust.

Human failings which are to be condemned are – seeking sensual pleasure, atma immersed in trivialities, regretting after giving, miserliness, feeling of weakness, gloating over one’s lineage.

The pleasure of living in Brahman (or Supreme truth), however, needs fundamental prerequisites. These are – truth, straightforwardness, sense of shame in doing wrong, control of senses, purity and education.