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Story – Shakha Pukur Pond And Goddess Bhabani

Shakha Pukur pond is believed to the site of one of the Shakti Peethas. It is located at Bhawanipur village in Bangladesh. The story of Shakha Pukur pond is associated with Goddess Bhabani (Bhavani form of Goddess Shakti). The meaning of Shakha Pakur is pond of conch bangles.

A bangle seller once happened to meet a girl near the famous Karatoya Bhawanipur Shakthi Peetha. The kanya (little girl) had a divine charm and her eyes were unusually bright and beautiful. Her smile was heavenly. She was dressed in red color dress, beautiful jewelry and wore a red tilak.

The kanya bought some bangles and told the seller that he can collect the payment from palace as she was the daughter of Maharaja of Natore.

But when the bangle seller reached the palace no one knew about such a daughter of the king. The Queen of Bhabhanipur, Rani Bhawani, was intrigued by the incident. She went to the same spot where the bangle seller met the young girl. But she did not find the young girl.

But the Queen who was an ardent devotee of Goddess Shakti had a feeling that the girl was Goddess Bhabani herself in her virgin form.

Goddess Bhabani then appeared before the Queen from the depths of the pond. She wore the bangles that she brought from the seller in her left hand and her right hand was in blessing posture.

Karatoya Bhabanipur Shakthi Peetha is believed to be the spot where the left anklet of Goddess Sati fell.