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Story Of Masisha In Hinduism

Padma Purana and the Skanda Purana states that Masisha was born of the portion of the foot of Brahma, attained the lordship of heaven, earth and patala (netherworld). However he gave up his body and came out in three forms – Chitragupta, Chitrasena and Chitrangada.

Of these, Chitragupta attained godhood, became an officer at the court of Yama and began to write his records. He is also described as one of the 14 Yamas in the Tantra works.

Chitragupta is responsible for recording meticulously the virtues and vices of man kind on earth – be it in thought, word or deed – not collectively but individually.

As he was born of Brahma’s body, he is also called kayastha. The present day kayasthas who are generally writers and record keepers claim their origin from Chitragupta, the primeval writer. The Nagars, Gaurs, Srivastavas, Mathurs and Saurasenas, etc, are said to belong to the same clan.