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Reason For Big Eyes Of Goddess In Hindu Temples

Various forms of Mother Goddess Shakti worshipped in temples in western, eastern and northern parts of India have big eyes. The eyes are very prominent and most often nullify the other parts of the murti of Mother Goddess.

While doing puja and darshan, the concept of making eye contact with the deity is very importance in Shakti worship. Devotees believe that darshan happens both ways – devotee sees the Goddess and the Goddess sees the devotee. The big eyes also symbolically suggest that the Goddess is watching everything and nothing escapes from her sight.

The big eyes of the Goddess create an atmosphere in which both worshiper and the worshipped are in complete sync – there is total union.

The big eyes also symbolically mean that the Goddess reads the desires in the mind of a devotee.

The energy of Goddess is transformed into the devotee through the big eyes. There is a connection that happens between the devotee and the Goddess.

A fierce big eye is also a warning to those who commit Adharma. The Goddess is watching everything and she can unleash her anger and burn everything in a split of a second.

The big eyes also instill confidence in the devotee that not a single atom in the world can move without the blessing and consent of Goddess. She is the all powerful Mother and she protects all her children.