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Peace Of Mind Is The Reward Of Spiritual Man

If we can trust in God, if we can always act to please Him, then we will not commit any sin. We may make mistakes from a worldly stand point, but if our motive is to obey the will of God in all things, then no sin will be held against us. It is the motive that counts with God, not the deed. A truly resigned man may suffer on the material plane, karma may affect him there, but his conscience will always be clear, he will have peace of mind under all conditions. That is the reward of the spiritual man. Storm and stress may blow about him, he may meet success or failure, he may enjoy or suffer, but his heart is firmly fixed in the eternal Spirit and he enjoys a bliss that passes all understanding.

The worldly man cannot comprehend this. He cannot believe it. But those who have tried and succeeded are firmly convinced that no happiness is greater than the happiness of him who lives a spiritual life. And the spiritual life as taught in the Gita consists in the performance of our duties, fearlessly and unselfishly, with love for God, who is the divine Principle within us, our very inner being, the Soul of our soul, the Life of our life. Live in the world, and as the lily that grows in the water is not moistened by water, so remain free from the contamination of the world, by putting your love and trust in God while working among, and for, His creatures.