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Dreaming Of Receiving Sweets – Meaning

Dreaming of receiving sweets is a good and positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream of receiving sweets mean desire fulfillment, positive change in life, new job or better career options and happy occasion in the family. Dreams of receiving sweets from known people means you will participate in success of others.

Dream of receiving colorful sweets is sign of marriage or new relationship.

Dreaming of receiving sweets in an unknown place indicates you will move away from current location and will be happy with the new place.

Dream of receiving sweets and you are crying or sad means someone will go away from your life temporarily. The dream also means you will have to go away leaving friends and family for something better in life. It also means you will be jealous about the success or achievement of someone.

Dream of receiving sweets and you are not seen in the dream means someone else will make important decisions in your life. It also means missing out on an important function.