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Dreaming Of Raw Rice – Meaning

Dreaming of raw rice is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get invitation to party or marriage or functions in which food is of great importance. It also means auspiciousness, hope, fertility and new birth. Dreams of raw rice and you are seen sowing it or spreading means success and wealth. It is a sign that hard will help in achieving success.

Dream of throwing raw rice at someone means marriage or you will be happy for someone.

Dreaming of raw rice infested with worms or flies is a sign of stagnation and disintegration. You will face failures or abandonment.

Dream of red or brown color raw rice is associated with awakening and new found love of something. It also means making conscious change to have a healthy lifestyle.

Dreams of raw white color rice is associated with feast and parties. It is also a sign of monotony and boredom.

Dream of hoarding or collecting raw rice is associated with upcoming problems. It is a sign of natural calamity or economic problems in near future.