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Dreaming Of Kursi – Meaning – Dream Buying Kursi

Dreaming of kursi is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get to hear positive news especially regarding job. It also means appointment or wish fulfilment related to career. Dreams of buying kursi and you wake up happy means you will realize the futility of something you had signed in for and will back out.

Dream of kursi and there are a lot of kursi means get together or function. It also means marriage or party or meeting.

Dreams of buying kursi and you are trying to collect them or fix them means you will waste money on spurious products of no value. It also means you will waste your time and energy on worthless projects or things. It also means your attempts as mediator to bring peace will fail.

Dreaming of kursi and you see other people in the dream means an important meeting will take place soon. This might change a lot of things.

Dream of kursi in a weird place means you will be kidnapped or something bad will happen. It is warning sign and is asking you to avoid all kinds of unwanted activities.