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Dreaming Of Karma – Meaning

Dreaming Of Karma is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means soon you will have regret about an action of yours. It also means regretting not doing things at the appropriate time. Dreams of karma and you are happy in the dream means positive results. It also means better luck and change of fortune.

Dream of karma and you are seen unhappy in the dream means you will do something that you will regret for your entire life. It also means being overpowered by jealousy, lust or anger.

Dreams of karma and you are in a strange place means you will undertake pilgrimage. It also means taking spiritual journey for sin redemption.

Dreaming of karma and you see unhealthy people or hospital etc. means sudden health issues. You will develop fear of death.

Dream of karma and you are in a world full of color and happiness means you will achieve success. There will be honor and progress.