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Dreaming Of Buying Lettuce – Meaning

Dreaming of buying lettuce is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will change your food habits and include fresh produce. It also means getting diagnosed with a serious ailment and you will be forced to change your food habits. Dreams of buying lots of lettuce means you will experiment with food. It also means attempting to make pickles or trying to store vegetables in brine for some reason.

Dream of buying lettuce and they are colorful means change of luck. It also means party or cooking something exotic to make someone happy.

Dreams of buying lettuce and it is all rotten or dirty means sudden financial crisis. It also means tragedy and lack of help. It is also a sign that you will be mentally weak.

Dreaming of buying lettuce and it is a strange place means you will have to stay away from home. It also means not knowing what to eat in a new place.

Dream of buying lettuce and you see family members means peace at home. It also means you will get time to relax.