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Dreaming Of Buying Lamp – Meaning

Dreaming of buying lamp is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. When you see light in your dream, you can expect positive changes. It means you will have clear and better understanding of things in near future. A solution to a life puzzle that was eluding you will be solved. Dreams of buying lamp also mean removal of the veil of ignorance that was causing damage to your life.

Dream of buying lamp and you are seen in the dream means change of luck. You will be able to clearly identify your goals. It also means new achievement.

Dreams of buying colorful lamps means happiness, joyful occasion, giving gifts, parties or marriage.

Dream of buying dull or single-color lamp means serious job or better career prospects through hard work.

Dreaming of buying lamp and you are not seen in the dream means you will show interests in spirituality.

Dreams of buying lamp and there is nothing else in the dream means evil will be exposed. A secret of yours will be revealed. It also means dishonesty and illegal activities will get caught.