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Dreaming Of Buying Khoya – Meaning – Dream Of Khoya

Dreaming of buying khoya is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means loyalty, family bonds, divine love and healing. It is a sign of upcoming change of lifestyle. It also means relief from health issues. Dreams of khoya also means marriage or functions or happiness in life. It also means experimenting with food.

Dream of buying khoya with color is a sign of progress and happiness.

Dreaming of khoya flowing or dripping means loss of valuable items or money. The dream is a warning and you should take care of your possessions.

Dream of playing with khoya means child birth or pregnancy in the family.

Dream of khoya on your body means spiritual protection and acceptance.

Dream of huge quantity of khoya means you need to show more patience and determination. The dream is asking you to adapt to new situation. If you work hard, you can achieve great success.