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Dreaming About Buying Liquor – Meaning

Dreaming about buying liquor is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon face failures or disappointments and you will attempt to cover it up by intoxication. It also means you will be mentally and physically weak in near future and will try to take refuge in liquor. Dreams about buying liquor and it is at an unknown place means you misusing your freedom and this resulting in some kind of trouble.

Dream about buying liquor from a known place means you will show boldness to do something that you usually hesitate to do. It also means accepting challenges of friends without thinking about its consequences.

Dreaming about buying liquor and you wake up terrified or crying means you will be blamed for something you had not done intentionally. It also means other people trapping you.

Dreams about buying liquor and you are happy in the dream means party or get together. It also means you will decide to have fun after hard work.