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All Our Fear And Anxiety In Life Is Due To Ignorance

We are so ignorant, we have no faith, hence all our fear and anxiety in life. Had Arjuna in the Mahabharata war trusted in God from the beginning, he would not have hesitated to perform his duty on the battlefield. But he became egotistic. He thought that he was the cause of the war, that he would kill and cause others to kill their enemies. He forgot for an instant that God is the only actor on the world-stage, that it is all His play and that through us He acts. When we realize this, life changes its aspects. The anxiety, the bitterness, the fear, the heartburning go forever. We become His playmates. He is the general and we are the soldiers.

‘Ours not to question why, ours but to do and die...’ We become resigned. Life is sweet and death is sweet; joy is sweet and sorrow is sweet; victory is sweet and defeat is just as sweet when we are truly resigned to God’s will. Proportions change. What seems so momentous now, becomes very ordinary; what seems so all-important becomes an indifferent matter when the light of understanding falls on it. It is not such an awfully weighty affair to us now, whether our college team wins the ball game or the other. But when we were in college, life and death seemed to depend on that. And so it is now in our life. Play with all your might, fight with every ounce of strength that is in you, but remember that it is all God’s play. No revenge, no hatred, no injury to others. It is all fun, a play in which we take our share. And your soul and my soul look on and quietly take it all in and see the joke of it all.