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What Are Long Pataka Strip That Hang From Top To Bottom In Nepal Hindu Temples?

Three long strips hang from top to bottom of many Hindu temples in Nepal. They are hung from the top most portion of the temple to the ground level. These are known as Pataka and are embroidered with Hindu religion symbols, motifs and deities. So what is the purpose of these long strips?

Symbolically, the strips are ladders from heaven for the gods and goddess to travel.

The strips are a pathway for the deity worshipped in the temple to descend to earth. The belief is that the deities reside in the sky and they come down to listen to the prayers of their devotees.

The strips are not part of Hindu temples in other countries. The strips are found widely in temples in Nepal. There are usually three strips coming down from the top of the temple to the ground level. Rarely certain temples only have two or a single strip.