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Three Month Long Worship At Ramrajatala Ram Sita Temple 2024

Ramrajatala Ram Sita Temple is located near Howrah city in West Bengal. The temple is famous for a three month long fair and worship of Bhagavan Sri Rama. Ramrajatala Ram Sita temple 2024 date is from April 17 to August 12, 2024. The festivities and puja and begins on the Rama Navami day in Chaitra month and ends after three months on the last Sunday of Shravan month as per traditional Hindu solar calendar followed in West Bengal.

A unique aspect of the puja is that Goddess Saraswati is installed on the top of the murti of Bhagavan Rama and Goddess Sita. Before the temple was established around two centuries ago, the area was famous for Goddess Saraswati Puja during the period. But after the temple of Bhagavan Rama was established, puja of Rama became popular and there was a clash between believers of Rama and Goddess Saraswathi. To satisfy both the group of believers, a murti of Goddess Saraswati is consecrated atop a bamboo structure.

A host of deities from Hindu pantheon including Shiva, powerful saints and various forms of Mother Goddess are part of the annual worship.

The main festivities begins on the Shukla Paksha Navami day in Chaitra month (Rama Navami). Apart from pujas and rituals, satsang, devotional songs, music, free food donation etc are part of the annual festival.

The festival ends with a procession and immersion ceremony on the last sunday of Shraban month as per traditional Bengali calendar.