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Though Formless God Appears With Form To The Devotee

In the tenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna declared that the entire universe is ruled and supported by on a part of His power. Arjuna begs to be favored with a vision of the way in which God supports the universe by His unsearchable power. And his prayer is granted.

Speaking from the highest standpoint, Bhagavan is absolute and formless. Through formless, fire seems to take a form when something is ablaze. Similarly, though formless, God appears with form to the devotee. When the mind is pure and spiritualized, the incomprehensible divine majesty of God throw, as it were, a reflection on that purified mind and that is the spiritual perception of man. As fire is present everywhere and can be made visible through friction, even so God is present everywhere and can be made visible through burning love and devotion.

How wonderful, beyond all comprehension, is the statement made by Sri Krishna in

the last verse of Chapter 10: O Arjuna, what need is there for you to know all those details? I alone exist, sustaining this whole universe by a portion of Myself. This entire universe with all its wonders, its worlds, stars, planets and solar systems is held in place and kept under control by the power of Bhagavan. And what tremendous energy to accomplish that! Words cannot describe it, the mind cannot conceive it, yet it is after all a fragment, an insignificant part of the glory and power of God.

For at the back of all this power and of all manifestation remains the unexpressed Satchidananda. About That we cannot know anything. All questions regarding It can only be met with silence. The answer that we get from the Vedas regarding this absolute state is neti neti; not this, not this. That is all we can know about It: that It is neither this nor that. There the sun cannot illumine, nor the moon, nor the stars, nor the flash of lightening what to speak of this mortal fire! All shine after Him who shines. All this is illumined by His radiance. And how can we know anything positive about It? For.From there words reflect back with thought without reaching the goal. There the eye cannot reach, neither can speech nor the mind.