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Story Of Origin Of Lalitpur Town In Nepal

Lalitpur or Patan is a famous town in Nepal. The town has numerous Hindu temples and sacred places. Famous among them is the Kumbeshwar temple and a sacred tank. The origin of the name Lalitpur is associated with the temple.

A leprosy-afflicted farmer was once cutting grass in the area where the present Kumbeshwar temple is located. After a while, he felt thirsty and he pushed his staff down into the fertile soil. He chanced upon a spring nearby and he drank water from the spring.

Later when he tried to remove the staff from the soil it remained immovable. He soon discovered a Shivling in the spot. He went to the spring to get water to offer on the Shivling and he chanced upon his reflection on the water. His leprosy was cured.

The happy farmer walked home, he happened to pass by the King, who noted his changed appearance. He narrated about the divine incident and the discovery of the Shivling and miracle spring.

The king who heard the story called the farmer Lalitha – for his beautiful appearance. The king also named the place where the incident happened as Lalitha – beautiful.

The place thus came to be known as Lalitpur.