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Manathana Kali Theyyam – Information – Story

Manathana Kali theyyam is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Kali and is performed in many Madappura during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur and Kasaragod regions of Kerala. As per information, Manathana Kali theyyam is a ferocious warrior form of Goddess Shakti and is associated with the killing of demon Darikasura. As per Manthana Kali theyyam story, she appeared from the third of eye of Mahadeva Shiva to annihilate Darikasura. She travelled atop a Vethalam who resided in the Kailash Mountain. She promised the Vethalam, who was perpetually hungry, that she would feed him the heart and liver of Darikasura. A ferocious battle was fought between the demon and Goddess Manathana Pothi for seven days. Each day the demon lost strength equal to that of an elephant and finally on the eighth day the demon was killed. On the eighth day, Manathana Pothi, place the demon the tongue of the Vethalam and tore him into pieces and dark his blood. She then gave the liver and heart to the Vethalam, body parts to Bhoothaganas and the head was gifted to Mahadeva Shiva.

This Manathana Kali theyyam is worshipped for peace and prosperity. It is believed that she cures all kinds of diseases and saves her devotees from all kinds of attacks.

This theyyam is performed in a number of kavu, temples and tharavadu in Kannur region.

Some of the important temples where the Manathana Kali theyyam are performed include Mambaram Kottam Kollanandi Madappura temple, Maloor Erattengal Sree Koovaakkool Vettakoru Makan Muthappan Madappura Ullilaal Bhagavathy temple, Kadachira Valiyamuttam temple, Mekkunnu Sree Poovallathil temple, Thalassery Ancham mile Erinhikkal Porkkali Bhagavathy temple, Vadakara pakkayil Natol Bhagavathy temple, Anjarakandy Kuzhimbalodu metta Arayalkeezhil muthappan Madappura temple, Pinarayi Sree Kungi Parambath Poovadan Madappura temple, Thalasseri 4th mile ayyappa madam velluvakkandy tharavadu temple.