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Malapilaan Theyyam – Story – Information

Malappilaan theyyam (മലപ്പിലാൻ തെയ്യം) is a rare theyyam performed during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur region of Kerala. As per information, this is a male theyyam and a warrior theyyam. As per story, Malappilan theyyam was given a place of worship after his selfless sacrifice.

This theyyam holds a bow and arrow and is depicted as ready to go into battle.

This theyyam is widely performed in the Mattannur region of Kannur.

The theyyam can be witnessed at Mattannur Naduvanad Kottiyurnhal Bhagavathy Kavu temple (March 29 to March 31), Mattannur Pariyaram Paarakandi Padiyil Vayanattu Kulavan temple (March 14 – 15), Mattannur Kodolipram Thannakkal Bhagavathy Kavu temple, Mattannur Malur Tholambra Kaipengattu Bhagavathy Kavu temple (March 30 to 31) and Mattannur Sivapuram Kannothu Thahzathuveedu temple (February 21 to 22) in Kannur district.